Mark Nixon: Making Shadows – 327

Episode 327:

This episode features Mark Nixon, the editor of Shadows at the Door.  Mark is a writer who focuses on writing traditional ghost stories similar to those written by M.R. James. In this episode Dan and Mark discuss Mark’s Kickstarter project to publish a collection of international ghost stories in the old style.

More than that, the discussion provides advice, an examination of challenges in putting together a project that gets noticed, and the process of building an anthology. All-in-all, it’s a great look behind the curtain with advice for writers, producers and, of course an opportunity for you, the listener, to be involved in bringing an amazing project to life.

The main discussion focuses on storytelling, how to crowdfund your project without getting on Your Kickstarter Sucks, and the process of editing an anthology.

Also learn how to pronounce niche (spoiler: there is apparently no wrong way).

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This episode features Australia’s own Amber Collins as the voice of Victoria Bigglesworth-Hayes and Society-13. Amber is active on Deviant Art.

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