Matthew McLean: Hearing Voices – 326

Episode 326:

This episode features Matthew McLean of The Aftermath Podcast, The Podcast Host, YAP Audio, and more. Matthew is a passionate podcast expert and producer. In this episode Dan and Matthew discuss some of their own processes, production challenges, and individual experiences in making their own fiction podcasts.

The main discussion focuses on storytelling, the podcast medium, and how to make great audio.

Hear us discuss:

The importance of story, Sharing knowledge, 2016 as the the year of the story podcast, the new accessibility to storytelling with modern devices, bringing fans to your other work by sharing new audio stories, the work involved in making a quality show, the power of music in storytelling, using custom scores vs. stock music, story complexity / simplicity, and most importantly, appreciating your listeners.

Also, for a great discussion with a living legend, listen to Dirk Maggs (Neverwhere, Good Omens, and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) interviewed on Episode # 29 on the Audio Drama Production Podcast.

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This episode features Australia’s own Amber Collins as the voice of Victoria Bigglesworth-Hayes and Society-13. Amber is active on Deviant Art.

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