Solo: The Rough Cut – 315

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My guest is no one. This episode is my first solo episode ever. I talk about recent events, welcome my new sponsor and read some stuff I wrote to make you feel better about your own work. So let’s explore the rough stuff, shall we? The rough draft of your work still has beauty and merit. The mistakes are sometimes the most interesting parts. Take a look behind the curtain at some very rough and unpolished creations.

This episode features Australia’s own Amber Collins as the voice of Victoria Bigglesworth-Hayes. Amber is active on Deviant Art – you can find her work here:
Follow Amber on Twitter: @blamberino

Art by Steven Matiko. Visit Steve’s Gallery.
Follow Steve on Twitter: @S_Matiko

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  1. Sponsor: Haunting TV
  2. Disclaimer
  3. Welcome to Episode 315
    Music: “Yo Yo Mum” – Steven Matiko
  4. Find more Jeanette here:
  5. “Novocain”
    Words: Written and Read by Daniel Foytik
    Music: “Feeling Dark (Behind the Mask)” – 7oop3D
  6. Why rough drafts have merit
  7. Atlanta, The World Horror Con
    Falling in love with Horror
    Are you a writer? Sorry.
    Being a Freak
    Special thanks to _AA Parking servicing the _arriott Hotel
  8. “A Journey”
    Words: Written and Read by Daniel Foytik
    Music: “Infultration-Spy Edit” – DJ Psyonik Fantasy
  9. Death and Not Death
  10. The Future of the 9th Story
  11. Call for talent and feedback
  12. Road Trippin’
  13. Horror Hooligans Issue One
    “Girls Rock Horror Harder”
  14. The Wicked Library Submissions
  15. Authors Like Neil Gaiman and Daniel Knauf
  16. “Always the First Time”
    Words: Written and Read by Daniel Foytik
    Music: “Never Heard a Rhyme Like This Before” – Scott Altham
  17. Upcoming Guests:
    Katey Jane
    Diane Student
  18. TWL: 601 Author Announcement


  1. This was the 9th Story
  2. Outtake “Expose myself”
  3. Music: Full Song “Yo Yo Mum” – Steven Matiko




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