Novus: This is My Tiger – 313

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My guests are Anthony Rowsick, Paul Rowsick, and Nelson W. Pyles of the band Novus. Novus is a progressive rock band who tells story through music and lyric. You can pick up their first album Into the Future at

Sit back, and listen to us talk about recording, creating song, poetry vs lyrics and more!

This episode features Australia’s own Amber Collins as the voice of Victoria Bigglesworth-Hayes. Amber is active on Deviant Art – you can find her work here:
Follow Amber on Twitter: @blamberino

Art by Steven Matiko. Visit Steve’s Gallery.
Follow Steve on Twitter: @S_Matiko

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1. Disclaimer
2. The BRAND NEW 9th Story Theme Song, written by Anthony Rowsick!  “Victoria Rêve la Nuit”


1. 9 Minutes at the Movies with The Stepfather
Mike “The Stepfather” Cerra of the Caveman Mafia Podcast.

  • Almost Famous
  • Standing in the Shadows of Motown
  • Just Like Being There

2. Interview with Novus (Part One)

  • The band’s dynamic
  • Did you hear what I sent you?
  • Collaboration
  • Meet the Band
  • Nelson “Thunderbolt” Pyles
  • Women with moustaches
  • The creative drive behind the band
  • Stunt vocalists and multi-instrumentalists
  • Becoming a mature musician
  • Son of Squatch
  • Black leather and a Tiger
  • Where did the band get its name – <CUT HERE>


1. Station ID: The Wicked Library

2. Station ID: Shadows at the Door:


Interview with Novus (Part Two)
1. The name of the band, for real this time.
2. What inspires Tony
3. Playing for fun
4. Noodling
5. The Lyrics
6. Downers
7. 50 Cent Words
8. Freedom
9. It needs to be fun

SONG: “Something’s Burned”

10. Poetry vs. Lyrics
11. Working with others
12. Squatch is elusive
13. Amazing yourself

SONG: “Gutter Man”

14. Sampling: “Angel Trumpets and Devil Trombones”
15. Theme or no Theme
16. Tony’s concept album “Colonel Salt’s Band”
17. Where to find Novus (see below)
18. What is Prog-Watch (see links below)
19. Reviews


1. This was the 9th Story
2. Society 13 Podcast Network
3. A Library Theme song


Anthony Rowsick, Paul Rowsick, Nelson W. Pyles of Novus
Twitter: @novustheband
Album: Into the Future –


The Stepfather, Mike Cerra, Host:
“The Caveman Mafia” Podcast

“As far back as I could remember I always wanted to be a gangster.” Not literally, but as far back as I can remember, I have always loved the movies. I’m not sure if it was because I rarely ever had the opportunity to go to the movies as a child, but I knew this medium was for me. The ability for 90 minutes to be whisked away to another place or time, to feel what it was like on the other side of the tracks, always intrigued me. And there is something special about the theater. Getting there early to get good seats, the anticipation of how the film you were about to see would turn out, the previews, the dimming of the lights, and eventually the show. It is an all-encompassing experience.”

Find links to The Stepfather’s work online at the following links:

Contact the show:

Caveman Mafia Podcast:



Nelson “Thunderbolt” Pyles
Former Host: “The Wicked Library” Podcast
Author: Demons Dolls and Milkshakes
Singer, Lyricist, Musician: Novus

Self-proclaimed as “The Thunderbolt in your Cheerios”, Nelson W. Pyles is a multi-talented artist who can’t be tied down to one discipline. As a writer, he blends horror, strong description and often humor, into stories that grab you and take you along for the ride. As a stunt singer and musician he writes compelling lyrics and delivers them with a voice that is at the same time sultry, tortured and melodic. As a podcaster, he narrated great horror fiction for five seasons of The Wicked Library. Nelson’s work on The Wicked Library has helped new writers build fan bases and even get publishing contracts, and of course, created a highly devoted and committed fan base, hungry for their weekly fix of hauntingly good fun. Nelson hand picked his successor and will remain as the voice of “The Librarian”.

Find links to Nelson at the following links:

Nelson W. Pyles:



Anthony Rowsick, Host:

Tony is the host of the popular and internationally recognized “Prog-Watch” podcast, a lover of beer, a certified beer judge, and a Sasquatch.

More than that, Tony is a talented musician and has shared his talents with x-proph3t and recently, Novus.

Find links to Anthony’s work online at the following links:

Tony’s Podcast:


Band Camp: Novus






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PO Box 97925, Pittsburgh, PA 15227

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