Tony Sarrecchia: Fat Zombies and Strange Returns -310

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310 – Fat Zombies and Strange Returns

Today’s episode features Tony Sarrecchia of the fantastic radio drama and podcast, Harry Strange Radio Drama.

We discuss Tony’s Graphic Novel, the return of the Harry Strange, and Tony’s story “the Road to Chattanooga int he anthology” Fat ZombieFat Zombie features the tales of unlikely survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse. Tony’s story stars Harold, An overweight, asthmatic, Diabetic and circus peanuts.

We discuss if what we do is content creation or writing and telling stories. Also, Tony’s Twitter Rules

Sit back, pull down your fedora and dig on some great story discussion.

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The Walking Dead:Segment contains Spoilers
Theories about Clocks
Baseball Bats, Comics and Negan
Artsy Walking Dead
Tyreese Spoilers
Spoiling Breaking Bad
Sons of Anarchy Novel
Kindle vs Book Cost
The Many Hats of Podcasting

Harry Strange’s Lilith, Parisa Johnston:
Hugs from The Too Hot for Radio Players

Is there Lovecraft Erotica.  Yes.
A reviewer says in part: “Lovecraft and erotica? I thought they weren’t going to mix well together… and I wasn’t mistaken. Not even a bit.”

Women in Practical Armour:

Hello Jeanette! 


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Tony Sarrecchia, Creator:
Harry Strange Radio Drama


Tony Sarrecchia ( is the creator and writer of the award-winning Harry Strange Radio Drama, a full cast, pulp-style supernatural thriller audio play. His short story, ‘On the Road to Chattanooga’, a story about an unlikely survivor of a zombie apocalypse, was published in January 2015 in Permuted Press’s Fat Zombie anthology. 
A professional speaker and presenter for 15 years for organizations like AT&T, Time Magazine, and Entertainment Weekly; he has also worked as a bouncer, disc jockey, sales manager, telemarketer and electronic warfare systems specialist. He often appears as a writer guest at conventions and talks about writing, producing, and B-movies. He is a member of the Horror Writers Association.

Tony’s Website:


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