Dick Dangle: Porno for Podcasts – 309

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309 – Porno for Podcasts: Dangle’s Addiction

“I’ve met over 200 adult entertainers.” Dick Dangle

No topic is off limits on the 9th Story – if there is actually a story in it.

Dick Dangle drops by to give us the goods on porn. We delve deep into the topic and take a long hard look (and actually a serious one) at pornography as a storytelling vehicle and examine why it can sometimes be more legitimate than mainstream movies.

We also discuss the fact that while sex is integral to life – and one of the nicer things you can do with another person – it still remains a “secret” and “hidden” topic that makes many people even more uncomfortable than blood and violence. Don’t worry, we pull it out and show it to you.

Go on, shove it in your ear. You’ll like it.


What’s the name of the show?
Ray Romano stops by.
Tie a brick around it.

Today’s Topic: Storytelling and Pornography

Here they come…
The Worst Birthday Ever.
50 Shades of Fan Fiction
There was a woman in that commercial?
Nudity vs. Violence: The other double standard
Is it dirty or natural?
“Can you make me feel good?”
Choose: Sex or Death?

Break #1

(1) Dick Dangle Gets Tech Support
(2) Jon Towers: Red Horse Radio

Porn Myths:

1. 90 percent of the Internet is pornography

2. Porn doesn’t tell a story:

The 70’s and the tradition of simple storytelling
The story of Reality Pornography

3. The acting is horrible

Do you really like that?
Are you drilling for oil?

4. Porn can’t be legitimate film

The three tests of real film
Superstar vs The Green Door

Break #2

(1) John Russo
(2) Caveman Mafia Podcast
(3) Rich Bottles Jr

Porn with a Hollywood Budget.

Stunt Roosters
Spoofs of Movie Titles
Parodies vs. Serious Adult Films
What’s on your tablet?
Conservative Pornography
Allie juggles and rides her bike in the rain.

Dicks Favorites

Lexi Belle
Sunny Lane
The Bunny Ranch

Penthouse Forum

It’s real! (it’s not)
Name withheld upon request
Gene Simmons!
Shannon Tweed
Tracy Tweed
Seducing the family
Where are they buried?
Gene’s too big for that kind of ring.
Scrambled channels
The Hitchhiker (HBO 1983-1991)
Red Shoe Diaries (Showtime 1992-1997)
Nightcap (Cinemax 1999- )

ABOUT Danglin’ After Dark

What it’s all about?
Ms. Rebecca Knox
Personal stories from Dick’s Past
Treating the topic seriously
Open your mind.
The Angle of your Dangle.
Answering listeners questions.
Have fun!
Advice from Dick
The Ladies Man
“The Butt”
The Continental
Craig’s Guitar


Dick Dangle, Host:
“Danglin’ After Dark” Podcast


Dick Dangle is a man well-versed in the ways of events and experiences that only a lucky few can claim a working understanding of. Brothels, adult conventions, strip clubs. He’s been to, and conquered, them all. And now he’s ready to dispense his knowledge.

Dick hosts a weekly podcast examining the adult industry and sex in general. He treats the subject with honesty, respect and a well honed wit.

Find Dick’s work online at the following links:

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The Stepfather, Mike Cerra, Host:
“The Caveman Mafia” Podcast

“As far back as I could remember I always wanted to be a gangster.” Not literally, but as far back as I can remember, I have always loved the movies. I’m not sure if it was because I rarely ever had the opportunity to go to the movies as a child, but I knew this medium was for me. The ability for 90 minutes to be whisked away to another place or time, to feel what it was like on the other side of the tracks, always intrigued me. And there is something special about the theater. Getting there early to get good seats, the anticipation of how the film you were about to see would turn out, the previews, the dimming of the lights, and eventually the show. It is an all-encompassing experience.”

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